Thursday, December 1, 2011

Interesting browser crash in XP, and a solution.

I was dealing with an XP SP2 system where Internet Explorer 8 was throwing one of three errors depending on how I configured it.  The action in question was a link to an application that loaded from a webpage.  In this case, it was a scanning tool to control an attached image scanner.  depending on the settings in Window's data execution protection panel, the user would get a generic the memory could not be read message, or this page attempted to access memory in an unusual way, or ie would just close without any error at all.

The setting that fixed it was in the advanced portion of settings.  Un-checking the use SSL 3.0 checkbox did the trick.  I cannot claim this solution was mine, but I credit a fellow coworker who remembered that this was a requirement of a similar web-page-loaded app he had dealt with earlier.  Although I haven't tried it, I would maybe put a check in the SSL 2.0 box instead of the 3.0 box and see if it still works.

Any explanations from my readers?  Respond in the comments.

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